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International Freight Transportation

"AGT Cargo" LLC is the official freight agent of CJSC "Azerbaijan Railways," a leading logistics company specializing in domestic and international rail transportation.
million tons of cargo transported to and through Azerbaijan in 2023

Reliable Logistics Partner

Our primary goal is to ensure high-quality and efficient service for our clients while strengthening our position as a leading company in the transportation and logistics sector in the region. We offer a wide range of services, including export-import and transit, delivery of goods in covered wagons, container and refrigerated transport. Additionally, we provide services through our own grain terminal in Astara, allowing us to cover various aspects of the logistics chain and offer comprehensive logistics services. Our staff approaches each task professionally, taking into account the specifics and preferences of each client. Thank you for choosing "AGT Cargo" – your reliable partner in the world of freight transportation and logistics

Quality Policy

Our highly qualified professional team offers optimal logistics chains and tariffs based on your needs. Currently, AGT Cargo manages 923 wagons, including 150 covered wagons and 773 hopper wagons. The selection of wagons takes into account client requests, the nature of the transported cargo, and other essential factors. In 2023, AGT Cargo successfully transported 1,250,000 tons of goods both to Azerbaijan and in transit through its territory.     

Our main mission is to provide high-quality and efficient service to our clients and maintain our leading position in the transportation and logistics sector in this region.

We adhere to the following principles in our quality policy:

  • Provision of high-quality services: We strive to deliver services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

  • Timely project delivery: We adhere to schedules and ensure the timely implementation of projects.

  • Customer satisfaction: We actively work to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services.

  • Investment in training and development of employees: We consistently invest in the training and development of our employees to ensure a high level of qualification and quality service.

  • Promotion of a quality culture: We collaborate with all our employees to collectively achieve common goals and maintain a culture of quality in our company

Unique Problem-Solving Expertise

Versatility in Delivery Methods

Extensive Experience in the Logistics Sector

How we work

Collecting Cargo Information:

We excel at gathering comprehensive cargo and supply information. To provide tailored logistics advice, we seek as much information as possible. If you trust us and provide the necessary contact information, we will manage all logistics details on your behalf.

Creating Commercial Proposals:

Considering risks and advantages, we can present various expenditure options and delivery alternatives. This allows you to choose the most cost-effective option. Alternatively, if you prefer not to deal with the details, we can promptly propose the most economical solution.

Reaching Consensus and Initiating Cargo Handling:

We establish contact with your supplier, create cargo acceptance protocols, arrange storage for the cargo, complete all export customs formalities, and verify documents. We oversee the loading onto the ship for international shipments, ensuring safe delivery to the destination.

Handling Import Customs Formalities and Delivering the Cargo:

If necessary, we provide door-to-door delivery and present all the required documents and reports according to our contract. We handle the import customs formalities and ensure the delivery of the cargo according to the agreement

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