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CEO Message

Dear clients and partners!

The company "AGT Cargo" LLC was founded in 2018. The goal of the company is to ensure uninterrupted operation of the logistics infrastructure of the transportation market. The emergence of AGT Cargo LLC initially made it possible to combine the capabilities of grain traders and flour mills of Azerbaijan in gaining access to more competitive prices for transportation, thanks to our company's fleet of hopper grain carriers. The company "AGT Cargo" LLC initiated the creation of a logistics hub for the transshipment of grain products, having built a grain terminal in Astara, with a throughput capacity of up to 1 million tons per year, within the framework of the international North-South transport corridor.
Chairman of the Board "AGT CARGO" LLC Guliyev Javid


The creation of such a large-scale project became possible thanks to the attention of the leadership of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in particular, the successful policy of the President of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, to develop the transit potential of our country and the favorable business environment of Azerbaijan. We were able to provide the market with high-quality services in the shortest possible time and lay a reliable foundation for its future development.

Over the years of operation, AGT Cargo LLC has not only achieved the planned economic results, but also provided free and equal access for shippers to receive highly qualified logistics services. The company was able to provide transportation along traditional routes and seriously began to work on organizing new transport corridors and creating infrastructure capacities for the export of goods from Russia, Kazakhstan and a number of other countries to Azerbaijan and through Azerbaijan to third countries.

Detailed coordination of various divisions of the company, rhythmic and coordinated work made it clear that despite the relative youth, the team of the company has developed as a single mechanism, and is capable to solve the major production problems. All employees are assigned top priority goal – to be in dialogue with the market assisting in development of agriculture in the region. The priority of our company is to provide client – oriented services.

I want to thank the shareholders and employees of the company, whose experience, dedication and skills are the guarantee to our steady progress. I am confident that our work in future seasons will allow grain producers in the region to focus on targets to increase production volumes and timely and rapid delivery of cargo will enable all market participants to get the maximum profit.

Chairman of the Board - Javid Guliyev

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