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Transportation on platforms


Rail platforms offer unique advantages in cargo transportation. Universal railway platforms have a sturdy steel frame and hinged sides that fold down. They may even have no sides.

Key benefits of transportation on platforms provided by AGT Cargo:

  1. Universality and Flexibility: Rail platforms have a versatile design, enabling the transport of diverse cargo, including oversized and non-standard items. The ability to transport various types of goods, such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and more, makes platforms an ideal choice for various industries.
  2. Efficiency and Promptness: The absence of side walls and roofs on platforms ensures quick loading and unloading of goods, reducing transportation time. Efficient logistics and operational cargo handling are key factors in AGT Cargo’s operations.
  3. Cargo Safety: Platforms provide the convenience of securing and fixing cargo, ensuring its safety during transportation. Additional mechanisms and equipment on specialized platforms prevent damage to cargo units during transport.
  4. Support and Information Services: AGT Cargo provides support in developing cargo securing schemes, ensuring their reliability during transit. Information services allow clients to track the movement of their cargo and respond promptly to any changes in the logistics scheme.

Choosing transportation on rail platforms with AGT Cargo not only ensures the safe and efficient movement of goods but also provides flexible solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.





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