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Grain Terminal in Astara

Take advantage of the grain terminal service of "AGT Cargo," which is equipped with an elevator complex designed to transport up to 1 million tons of grain per year.
30 000
Tons of grain one-time storage capacity


AGT Cargo offers modern terminal and warehouse services, ensuring efficient transportation and storage of grain crops. Our grain terminal is an advanced elevator complex designed to handle up to 1 million tons of grain annually.

Features of the Grain Terminal:

  1. Productivity: Two 1520 mm railway lines ensure the intake of grain at a rate of 175 tons per hour each, with a total capacity of 350 tons per hour.
  2. Transportation and Storage: The grain is directed to the working area, where it is stored in the warehouse. For further transportation, bulk transport or “big bags” are used depending on the requirements.
  3. Technological Scheme: Our elevator employs a flexible flow scheme, allowing simultaneous intake, storage, and transportation of grain with maximum efficiency.
  4. Equipment: The elevator’s technological equipment is designed to operate effectively in challenging conditions, ensuring reliability and high performance.
  5. Transportation and Storage: Transportation is carried out directly from the railway transport or taking into account the technological processes of storage. Three operating elevators accommodate 250 tons each.
  6. Storage in Silos: Grain is stored in ten silos (1st line) with a total capacity of 30,000 tons. “Big bags” have a separate warehouse.

AGT Cargo not only provides reliable storage and transportation of grain but also strives for continuous improvement and adherence to the highest standards in delivering terminal and warehouse services.


Key indicators of the terminal

350 tons per hour

Possibility of unloading from wagons into cars and silos

7 ha

Terminal area

4 railway lines

Two - 1520 mm (Soviet standard), two more - 1435 mm (world standard)

30,000 ton

Packaging capacity of warehouses for one-time storage

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