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AGT Cargo provides a comprehensive range of insurance services, ensuring the protection of your cargo against various risks such as accidents, mishandling, or other perils that may result in damage or loss of goods. We collaborate with leading insurance companies, ensuring that our clients receive the best coverage tailored to their cargo and transportation conditions.

Why AGT Cargo is Your Ideal Insurance Partner?

Wide Range of Coverages: AGT Cargo offers flexible insurance options adapted to your needs. Regardless of the type of cargo, we provide the best coverage options to ensure your peace of mind.

Professional Insurers: Our insurance specialists have the expertise and knowledge required to accurately assess risks and offer optimal insurance for your cargo.

Fast and Transparent Claims Processing: In the event of an insurance claim, AGT Cargo ensures a fast and efficient claims processing, minimizing your losses and simplifying the process.

Optimizing the Delivery Process with AGT Cargo

We don’t just provide insurance; we are also your leading international transport partner in Azerbaijan. Our experience in international rail transport guarantees the safe and efficient delivery of your cargo. We understand that international transport is a complex logistics solution, and AGT Cargo is ready to take on key tasks, including cargo space reservations, warehouse management, transit station logistics, and customs issue resolution. Our specialists have a deep understanding of logistics and are ready to provide you with reliable and professional services.

Cost Estimation for Services

The cost of our services depends on various factors, including the dimensions of the cargo, the need for protection during transshipment, careful loading/unloading, and other parameters.

AGT Cargo guarantees the adaptation of our services to your requirements, providing cost-effective solutions for your cargo transport needs. With us, your cargo is in safe hands, and we are ready to make the delivery process as comfortable and secure as possible for you.



Support for Your Business

Extensive Experience in the Logistics Sector

Unique Problem-Solving Expertise

Versatility in Delivery Methods

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