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Wagon park

Currently, AGT Cargo manages 923 wagons, including 773 hopper – wagons and 150 covered wagons.
Rolling stock units

"AGT Cargo" wagon park

Export-import and transit shipments for the CIS, People's Republic of China, Europe, and Central European countries.

“AGT Cargo” carries out international transport of various types of goods, including bulk agricultural and forestry products, mineral fertilizers, containerized building materials, packaged and liquid cargoes:

Hopper Wagons

Grain Hopper-Wagons are a specialized type of freight car, designed taking into account the characteristics of transporting grain and other seeded cargo. Grain trucks are equipped with special devices that prevent mixing and compaction of grain cargo during transportation. To maintain the quality of grain, the cars are equipped with ventilation systems that provide air circulation and prevent moisture condensation. The convenience of loading and unloading grain trucks is increased due to special mechanisms, accelerating the turnover of the vehicle.


Covered Wagons

Covered wagons are a type of railway transport designed to provide maximum protection for cargo during transportation. They have a closed design, completely protecting the cargo from all sides from mechanical damage, dust, precipitation and other external factors.
Thanks to the closed structure of the wagon, the cargo is completely isolated from external influences, which also reduces the risk of mechanical damage during movement.


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    AGT Cargo – Your International Cargo Transportation

    AGT Cargo is a highly experienced international supply chain and logistics service provider. We have been on the forefront of the forwarding market since 2018, in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Due to our extensive network of international representatives, we offer our clients tailor-made and effective solutions based on their specific needs.

    The excellent standard of service has rendered our company not only one of the leading logistics and transport services provider in the Republic of Azerbaijan, but also a reliable partner and advisor, ready to meet our clients’ expectations.

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