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When organizing international maritime transportation, AGT Cargo offers clients more than just services – a comprehensive end-to-end solution. This approach ensures full control and transparency at every stage of delivery.

Key criteria for successful maritime transportation:

  1. Cargo Type: We select the optimal vessel, considering the nature of the cargo (bulk carrier for general goods, reefer for perishables, container ship for containers, tanker for liquid cargo).
  2. Cargo Capacity and Vessel Features: The vessel’s dimensions, cargo holds, and other parameters are examined in the context of the cargo to ensure safety and efficiency.
  3. Regular Schedules and Seasonal Considerations: We take into account schedules and seasonality to optimize routes and delivery timelines.

The comprehensive “end-to-end” service package includes:

  • Customs Clearance: Professional support for customs formalities.
  • Logistic Planning: Development of an optimal route considering all parameters and client requirements.
  • Loading and Unloading Operations: Efficient processes organization in ports, temporary storage, intra-port forwarding.
  • Multimodal Transportation: Integrated transportation by various modes to the final destination.
  • Surveyor Participation: Cargo insurance at all stages of transportation.
  • Document Handling: Preparation of all necessary transport and regulatory documents.
  • Financial Operations: Payment of all fees, duties, and freight rates.
  • Legal Support: Provision of legal assistance at all stages of the transaction.

Thus, AGT Cargo ensures clients not only benefit from cost-effective maritime transportation but also a full spectrum of professional services for the successful completion of logistics operations.





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