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We are ready to answer your most common questions.
FAQ. We are here to answer your most common questions.

We handle shipments worldwide, including popular destinations such as China, Hong Kong, Europe, Turkey, and India. Our representatives and warehouses are located in Azerbaijan.


Customers can inquire about the arrival of their container by contacting the Operations Department of "AGT Cargo."

To accept your cargo at the "AGT Cargo" terminal, you should provide a letter of attorney, identification card, and the financial code obtained from Azerbaijan Railways CJSC.


Once the documentation process is completed and full payment is made for the specified services, the cargo is released to the owner or their authorized representative.


The following documents are required to organize cargo transportation:

a) Contract between the customer and "AGT Cargo."

b) SCAN copies of shipping documents (BL documents, invoices, certificates).

The storage period at the terminal is calculated from the date the cargo arrives. Cargo can be stored free of charge at the terminal for up to 5 days. Terminal storage fees are calculated for each additional day beyond this period.

"AGT Cargo" ensures the safety of all cargo, especially valuable shipments, during transportation. We adhere strictly to regulations and have established our own control system. Additionally, customers can opt for cargo insurance or additional packaging for added security.

If the parameters of the cargo remain unchanged, the tariff cannot be modified. However, alterations to the cargo parameters may lead to adjustments in the transportation cost. Several factors influence the final cost of transportation:

  • The transportation tariff determined by "AGT Cargo" for transporting goods with a specific mode of transportation.
  • Characteristics and volume of the cargo being transported.
  • The complexity of the service package required, including additional services.
  • The cost of customs payments, if applicable.

The individual calculation of logistics service costs is carried out by specialists in the logistics and customs departments of the company.


Yes, "AGT Cargo" provides comprehensive services for handling complex orders within the legal framework. Leveraging our experience, we offer consultancy support for all matters related to foreign trade operations. Our services include analyzing foreign trade operations, organizing customs clearance processes, identifying and mitigating risks, and proposing solutions to eliminate risks.

We provide full support for the preparation of necessary documents for foreign trade and customs clearance of cargo. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of customs procedures, and we offer complete advisory assistance for the timely declaration of cargo to customs authorities.

"AGT Cargo" always ensures compliance with the latest legislative changes


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