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Door-to-door delivery of goods


AGT Cargo provides unique door-to-door services, including collection, shipping, and delivery of goods at the customer's location and back. Our specialized teams ensure complete control over the entire transportation chain, offering customers a single point of contact and the absence of third parties, ensuring maximum responsibility.

Key Features of Our Services:

Global Transport Network: AGT Cargo has established a vital transport network connecting key points in Europe, Russia, Turkey, and Central Asia. Our versatile fleet, including ships, trucks, trains, and barges, ensures the transportation of a variety of goods using diverse equipment.

Flexible Container Options: We offer a wide range of ISO containers and refrigerators, including 45-foot containers with a capacity of up to 33 pallets, to meet diverse customer requirements.

Optimized Throughput: Our services ensure precise coordination of the throughput of various modes of transportation, guaranteeing efficient satisfaction of unique customer requirements.

Urgent Cargo Processing: AGT Cargo pays special attention to urgent cargos, providing expedited processing and priority attention to meet customer needs in the shortest possible time.

Customized Solutions: We offer universal approaches to cargo transportation, including FCL (Full Container Load), FTL (Full Truck Load), and LCL (Less than Container Load), based on customer preferences and needs.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our international team of professionals ensures exceptional customer service, responding to their requests and providing excellent service at all stages.

Comprehensive Additional Services: In addition to the basics, we provide additional services to meet diverse customer needs and ensure a full range of door-to-door services.

Stability and Quality: AGT Cargo guarantees stable service quality, maintaining its extensive European presence and long-term partnerships.

Our qualified team has complete control over the entire transport chain, providing customers with a single means of communication without third parties, ensuring maximum accountability.

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