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Efficient, Cost-effective, and Reliable with AGT Cargo

Rail transportation remains one of the most reliable and stable means of cargo delivery. Every day, it facilitates the transportation of a multitude of goods from various countries, covering significant distances.

Explore the advantages offered by rail transportation:

Cost-effectiveness: Rail freight provides noticeable cost savings, making it an attractive transportation mode for businesses of any scale.

Year-round Service: Regardless of weather conditions, rail transport ensures stable deliveries throughout the year, particularly crucial for businesses operating in variable climates.

Versatile Cargo Handling: Rail transport is suitable for transporting various types of cargo, from oversized and hazardous to perishable and consolidated shipments.

To ensure the efficient delivery of goods, collaboration with a reliable partner plays a crucial role. AGT Cargo, being a leading participant in international transportation in Azerbaijan, guarantees the safety and timeliness of cargo deliveries, making it your choice for a successful and dependable partnership.

International rail transportation involves a complex logistics process, including the reservation of freight wagons, warehouse management, logistics of transit stations, and customs clearance — just a small part of our responsibilities. Addressing these tasks requires a deep understanding of logistics, rich experience, and seamless teamwork. Our highly qualified specialists are known for their professionalism in the field of logistics services and are always ready to provide the necessary assistance.



Various factors influence the cost of our services, including the size of the cargo, the need for protective measures during transshipment, loading/unloading procedures, and other additional aspects. Count on AGT Cargo to adapt our services to your specific needs and provide economically efficient solutions for the transportation of your goods. We are committed to making your transportation experience not only successful but also enjoyable.

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