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Your Reliable Global Logistics Partner

Gain access to a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly international railway network across different continents and countries.
1,25 mln
tons of cargo transported to and through Azerbaijan in 2023


cargo transportation in Azerbaijan
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“AGT Cargo” LLC is the official freight agent of CJSC “Azerbaijan Railways,” a leading logistics company specializing in domestic and international rail transportation. Our primary goal is to ensure high-quality and efficient service for our clients while strengthening our position as a leading company in the transportation and logistics sector in the region.

We offer a wide range of services, including export-import and transit, delivery of goods in covered wagons,Β  hopper wagons, container and refrigerated transport. Additionally, we provide services through our own grain terminal in Astara, allowing us to cover various aspects of the logistics chain and offer comprehensive logistics services.

Our highly qualified professional team offers optimal logistics chains and tariffs based on your needs. Currently, AGT Cargo manages 923 wagons, including 150 covered wagons and 773 hopper – wagons.

Our main mission is to provide high-quality and efficient service to our clients and maintain our leading position in the transportation and logistics sector in this region.

AGT Cargo β€” About Us

Core Shipping

The company's services are relevant for customers with diverse logistics needs. "AGT Cargo" ensures the swift and secure transportation of hazardous, perishable, oversized, grouped cargo, as well as vehicles and equipment, taking into account international requirements. The company's specialists are engaged in planning the best route, warehousing, temporary accommodation, insurance, and customs clearance of goods.

Main advantages


We adapt the supply chain to customer needs.


We ensure the swift fulfillment of customer requests and timely transportation of goods.


We guarantee timely shipment and receipt of goods.


By reducing logistics costs, we will make your products more competitive.

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AGT Cargo organizes delivery of cargo to countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East via land border crossings.
We carry out transportations using our own assets and dispatch goods in containers and in wagons of various types.


A reliable ally in international freight

“AGT Cargo” minimizes your time and cost expenditures, taking care of all logistics issues related to cargo. Today, our supply chain spans dozens of countries, allowing us to offer optimal and flexible solutions tailored to any order.

Order the transportation of general, oversized, and even hazardous cargoes, as well as cars and special equipment with “AGT Cargo”. We will prove that in the 21st century, cargo transportation is fast, convenient, and cost-effective. Contact the manager of “AGT Cargo” today to discuss all the details!

Why does your business need “AGT Cargo”?

In the initial stages of their activities, companies often try to organize their supplies themselves. However, problems arising during the transportation of small-volume goods can lead to increased costs. Nevertheless, as the volume of transported goods and business obligations increase, the role of logistics becomes significantly apparent.

Problems in the organization of the supply chain are directly related to increased costs.
These include:
  • The need to increase reserves due to the unpredictability of sending and receiving goods;
  • Constant search for compromises between the real needs of the business and the conditions of delivery organization;
  • Loss of large orders or customers, lowering the company’s influence;
  • The need to increase the budget for the storage, packaging, and delivery of goods;
  • The need to improve the quality of logistics services.

The international supply chains and logistics experience of “AGT Cargo” will give you a greater competitive advantage.

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