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Project cargo transportation is a specialized area in logistics where each delivery requires an individual and meticulous approach. AGT Cargo is a global leader in project cargo transportation, offering outstanding solutions for transporting large, powerful, expensive, and complex equipment.

         What sets us apart in project cargo transportation:

  1. Global Commitment: We are truly global in our commitment to solving the most complex project cargo challenges worldwide.
  2. Passion for Solutions: Our passion for finding unconventional and innovative solutions makes us unique in the market. We tackle obstacles with enthusiasm.
  3. Individual Approach: No two requests are the same. We value the uniqueness of each client, developing individual logistic strategies to address unique challenges.

        Advantages of working with AGT Cargo in project cargo transportation:

  1. Experience and Expertise: Our team has extensive experience and profound knowledge in managing project cargoes of all kinds.
  2. Logistic Complexity: We successfully handle logistically complex cargoes, providing a full range of services from conception to delivery.
  3. Multimodal Solutions: We integrate various modes of transport, ensuring complete transparency and optimization of land, sea, and air transport.

       Optimization through Multimodal Excellence: With AGT Cargo, you discover                     multimodal solutions, combining various modes of transport, including:

  • Maritime transport: conventional vessels and Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) vessels
  • Bulk container shipping
  • Air transportation
  • Inland waterway and coastal maritime transport
  • Overland transport using multi-axle modular trailers.

        AGT Cargo is your partner in solving the most challenging project cargo tasks. We          guarantee success regardless of the complexity, weight, or configuration of your            cargo




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