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Routes Map

Find our extensive routes to discover schedules that fit your supply chain.

international routes

Middle Corridor

Route: China – Kazakhstan – Caspian Sea – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey or the Black Sea – Eastern and Western Europe

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Route: Baltic Sea – Russia – Azerbaijan – Iran – India.

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East West – lower corridor

Route: China – Kyrgyzstan – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Caspian Sea – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey / the Black Sea – Europe

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East West – upper corridor

Route: China – Russia – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey / the Black Sea – Europe

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South – West

Route: India – Persian Gulf – Iran – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Ukraine – Europe.

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AGT Cargo – Your International Cargo Transportation

AGT Cargo is a highly experienced international supply chain and logistics service provider. We have been on the forefront of the forwarding market since 2018, in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Due to our extensive network of international representatives, we offer our clients tailor-made and effective solutions based on their specific needs.

The excellent standard of service has rendered our company not only one of the leading logistics and transport services provider in the Republic of Azerbaijan, but also a reliable partner and advisor, ready to meet our clients’ expectations.

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