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The AGT Cargo team offers you not just cargo transportation but a comprehensive solution to optimize every stage of the logistics process.

How We Ensure Your Success:

  1. Optimal Route and Transport Selection: Our experts will develop an optimal route, taking into account all the features and requirements of the cargo. We’ll choose the suitable mode of transportation, considering its load capacity and technical specifications.
  2. Cost Calculation and Delivery Time Determination: AGT Cargo provides an accurate cost estimate for the operation and determines a realistic delivery time, allowing you to plan your logistics processes more efficiently.
  3. Reliable License and Partner Relationships: Our company holds a reliable license for providing road transportation services. We also maintain strong partner relationships with local subcontractors, ensuring reliable “last-mile” transportation solutions.
  4. Logistics Package for Ever-changing Needs: We understand the dynamics of the market economy and continuously develop our logistics capabilities. Our modern fleet of trucks allows us to offer a variety of services, including consolidated shipments, full and partial loading, first and last-mile services, as well as specialized transportation.
  5. Partner Network and Flexible Approach: Our extensive partner network, strengthened by years of industry experience, enables us to accurately recognize and meet the unique requirements of each client.

AGT Cargo is ready to overcome all challenges and ensure your success in road freight transportation.

International transportation encompasses a complex logistics process, including reserving cargo wagons, warehouse management, providing road freight transport, logistics for transit stations, and customs clearance – and this is just a small part of our responsibilities. Solving these tasks requires a deep understanding of logistics, rich experience, and seamless teamwork. Our highly qualified specialists are known for their professionalism in the field of logistics services and are always ready to provide you with the necessary assistance.

Various factors influence the cost of our services, including the size of the cargo, the need for protective measures during transshipment, loading/unloading procedures, and other additional aspects. Count on AGT Cargo to adapt our services to your specific needs and provide cost-effective solutions for transporting your goods. We are committed to making your transportation experience not only successful but also enjoyable .




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