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Our experienced team of professionals integrates various modes of transportation, developing optimal delivery schemes for each cargo. We take pride in our sustainable and long-term partnerships with leading port forwarders and railway operators in the CIS, Baltics, Turkey, Europe, and China. Our reliability and competence are affirmed at every stage of transportation.

Thanks to well-organized intermodal transportation, cargo owners no longer need to enter into separate agreements with each participant in the delivery chain.

Through innovative solutions in intermodal logistics, AGT Cargo achieves unprecedented efficiency in organizing freight transportation. Our approach, characterized by outstanding efficiency and strict commitment, enables us to develop and implement cutting-edge concepts in intermodal logistics, including the use of route trains and various railway vehicles.

The strength of combined transport, which we successfully apply, lies in the harmonious combination of the advantages of rail and road transport in a unified supply chain. We transport various forms of cargo, such as containers, various types of wagons, swap bodies, trailers, and trucks, providing environmentally friendly intermodal logistics solutions with international “door-to-door” services. Meanwhile, we maintain a high level of reliability, competence, and safety at all stages of transportation.


With our extensive production network, including our own railway freight transport, we not only provide access to the markets of Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe but also actively support entry into fast-growing markets such as Russia and Turkey. AGT Cargo aims to expand your reach to remote destinations, including China and beyond, providing you with complete control and confidence at every stage of your freight transportation.

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    AGT Cargo organizes delivery of cargo to countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East via land border crossings.
    We carry out transportations using our own assets and dispatch goods in containers and in wagons of various types.
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