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Refrigerated transportation

Quality refrigerated transport services offer businesses an opportunity to preserve their products while accessing a larger market base, improving their customer relationships, lowering costs and increasing sales.

Refrigerated transportation is applicable to all types of perishable products

These include products of plant origin, such as fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, etc., products of animal origin, such as meat of some animals, birds, fish, milk, caviar, eggs, etc., processed products, such such as dairy products, various fats, sausages, frozen fruits, meat products, cheeses, etc., living plants such as seedlings, flowers, etc.

These shipments require strict temperature control. The time that perishable goods can be in transit is strictly regulated.

As the refrigerated freight transportation industry continues to expand in response to the needs of businesses worldwide, technology, logistics and expertise develop alongside it, offering solutions and innovation to address the challenges of global transportation. The solutions available today may look nothing like their primitive origins, but in their essence, they respond to the same basic need: the safe and timely transportation of goods from one place to another.


Our rail fright includes

  • Possibility to import and export whole containers and partial shipments.
  • FCL 40′ HC/HQLCL, minimum 1 m³.
  • Regular train connections – a fixed timetable allows to determine the expected date of arrival of delivery.
  • Transit time from 12 days – a significant time saving compared to sea transport.
  • Low costs compared to air transport.

Our support for your business

Extensive expertise in logistics

AGT Cargo was founded in 2018. Company performs freight and multi-modal transportation on all routes (CIS, Baltics, Europe, and Central Asia)

Experience of non-standard solutions

AGT Cargo carries out international transportation of various types of cargo, including grain and other bulk agricultural and forest

Work with all possible types of delivery

We work with sustainability across all areas of our business, from air, sea and road freight to contract logistics.

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